foodfight review

2014-08-31 13:46:44 by cronamew

i am going to review one of the shittiest movies known as "foodfight"

i hate nick

2013-05-21 21:11:29 by cronamew

what happened to it?

plmn x and y!!!!

2013-02-10 11:27:10 by cronamew

the game pkmn x and y is the next upcoming pkmn game
here is the official trailer and a webcomic to go with it!!
I don't own the video and webcomic.

plmn x and y!!!!

hey everybody it crona.
you know ther is a lot of jacked crap going on in the world
lately for instance.

1.9 year-old got gave birth.
i saw on the news that a 9 year old gave birth to a
baby,it is not known if it was abuse or rape.


2012-09-30 18:58:14 by cronamew